Roles Provided

Project/Program Management

Facilitating the planning and execution of short-term projects or programs, overseeing team dynamics, and managing constraints to achieve realistic objectives. Additionally, adept at stakeholder management and ensuring the timely delivery of targets.

IT Manager

Assuming a leadership role within an IT organization, overseeing both development and operations of IT service management. Skilled in stakeholder management and cost control of assets and resources. Capable of building or restructuring IT teams to optimize performance.

Scrum Master

Directing the day-to-day control and implementation of product development, collaborating closely with a product manager to execute prioritized tasks. Proficient in stakeholder management, reporting on deliverables, and providing line management for software development team(s). This role may encompass overseeing DevOps operations within a cloud development environment.

Cloud Change Manager

Spearheading the migration to a public cloud platform, such as Azure, and managing the organizational transitions necessary for a smooth transition from traditional on-site services to high-performing cloud-based operations. Facilitating the shift towards DevOps delivery and FinOps cost control, while also providing guidance and practical assistance with Identity and Access Management (IAM) and compliance requirements. 

Contact Technology Management

Owner & Consultant: Richard Woolridge


Mobile: +45 20667305

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